Delrin Bushings on the JL --NEEDED OR NOT?

I am a JK owner but I have a question on the JL. I know that they sell Delrin bushings for JL's but I have heard conflicting things about the current set up. I have heard that there are delrins installed, I have heard that the current bushings are similar to a JK BUT they are smaller therefore making them easier to take out. Even without tools. I have heard there is a lip on top AND bottom of the bushings.

All speculation and nothing solid

Has anyone replaced their bushings on their JL with Delrins? If so can you detail the process? If it is the same as the JK just say that.

Thanks and happy Jeeping.


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I can’t comment on replacing the bushings, but I will say that they are definitely not needed. I pulled my doors off my JLU for the first time recently and because of the new door design I almost ripped those suckers off and sent them flying they came off so easy! A hinge upgrade is definitely not needed in my opinion!

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Thanks man. I see you are in the great state of Texas which is I am thinking free of road salt and calcium chloride. We get pounded with this stuff in the winter here in Wisconsin so if those bushings are still as the JK's are then corrosion is not if but when. Usually real quick.
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