Dcbjk's build thread and picture diary of D-day 2.0


Caught the Bug
Hey everybody been a little while well 2020 sweet potato season has come to a close and I took a couple nice sunset pics of D-day to celebrate.


Also D-day has been enjoying the new role of traveling to Jacksonville each Sunday or when I can to go play some good paintball and relieve some stress. It’s a good feeling being able to drive and see the countryside on the way there and back. Loving and living the life as much as I can.
Here’s my paint setup enjoying it



Short post but I hope everybody is doing well hoping to get out and wheel hopefully before years end.
Cheers to all

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Caught the Bug
Hello all my Wayalife family miss y’all

Been a right good while since I’ve posted an update of any kind so figured I’d post one up life has been off the wall but enjoying as much of it as possible.

D-day2.0 is doing okay other than a grinding T-case in 4wd and bad oil pressure sensor. Otherwise he’s moving right along enjoying everyday I get to drive and go through the gears.

had a fellow Jeeper park next to me while playing paintball in Fayetteville NC nice Jeep named Breacher

Of course D-day had to get an oil change done and I had my little helper get her hands dirty gotta start her young

This was one of our snow days back in January absolutely love the ST Maxx and I did put him on diet with the homemade stubby with paint job that I did and a naked rear love the new look

Otherwise that’s it y’all it’s been family farming and paintball cheers to all and hopefully I can get back to being on here more often
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