Big Ben's Big Mojave


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She'll actually came yesterday so was able to get it installed and all ready to go today. Really liking it, think it'll look even better when it's lifted. Overall I think lines are pretty clean, seems well built. Of course the sun was at the worst spot when I get home but here are the pics I could take. Have a bed rug to throw in there as well.

The topper looks awesome. Great color match, it definitely looks like a factory top.


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Ben - just an FYI. My brother in law had the same aero cross bars. One of them buckled the first time he loaded up a sit on top kayak. May have been some user error involved, but it literally buckled within 30 minutes of being loaded.


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I'm not a truck topper guy, but that looks fantastic. That company did a great job with that.
I hear ya, I never was until I stated needing one for work and now I really enjoy the utility of them, except when you need the bed for bigger shit.
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