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There has always been a discussion about cheap aftermarket parts from other countries. Some say they buy strictly USA products, I would like to see posts of some of your best finds and even worst foreign and domestic parts you have installed on your jeep. This is personal experience not something you found on the net.

Here are a few that failed...

Crown side flare marker lights...faded after a few months.

Drake lockable filler door...would always throw code of loose cap and went back to my OEM.

Never had a problem...

Teraflex budget boost and spacers

Please chime in.



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Smittybilt XRC rear bumper with tire carrier. Thumbs down.

Sounded like an empty dump truck with 3 bowling balls in the bed.


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My made in China “American Racing” chamber Pro IIs have worked out well. My made in China, or India, or Korea Yukon gears have been great. All my made in Mexico air filters have been great. My made in the Philippines Uniden CB has been great. My made in China Teraflex big brake kit has been fine. My made who knows where Bestop half door mirrors have sucked.


On my (now gone) TJ
PureJeep gas tank skid-great protection, but the strap notches did not line up, off by about an inch
Warn engine skid-excellent
Moog hubs-excellent
Smittybilt XRC front bumper-never had an issue, some rusting, but solid as hell
Smittybilt xrc8 winch-never failed me in over 5 years of ownership/use. Do regrease them if you buy them-the grease turns to thick sludge in the cold, could barely freespool line below freezing
Tom Woods Gold Seal joints-first ones on my rear driveshaft-excellent, never an issue. Year later, I bought a front ds, and those Gold Seal joints went to crap in a year.
Smittybilt soft top w/tinted windows-had some salt road seepage around the zipper lines first winter (two months old) of owning it, and they sent me a brand new one to replace it.
Revolution 1541h d35 shafts-excellent. Never broke at least paired with a TruTrac
TruTrac-d30 and d35-excellent product, never failed me

On my JK (much less done so far)
JCR Offroad engine/trans skid-excellent quality, but the drivers side bracket could use a notch for those of us with auto trans, it allows far too little room for the cooling lines, and contacts the pumpkin when discoed. Happy medium is very thin line indeed. And the overall frame mount (not just them) makes engine vibes in the hollow stock center support bar that it mounts to.
JCR Offroad evap skid-perfect fit, works. Had the Jeep high centered on it right after installing it lol.
Powerstop rear pads and rotors Z16 series-excellent so far, no squealing nor dust everywhere, and improved braking over the previous 1mil pads that remained on it

The rest is awaiting install-
Moog hubs-good experience with TJ
G2 spacers
Spicer axle joints 5-7166x-good experience with Spicer 5-x series on TJ
AFE axle back exhaust
Powerstop Z16 front pads and rotors-good experience with rears so far
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Rugged Ridge side mirrors. Whistled like crazy. The rock hard poly bushings wouldn't hold position no matter how tight they were. Couldn't see anything out of them. I tried using RTV to smooth the ridge around the rubber band that holds the glass in and it looked like ass. Ended up tossing them in the trash. $60 down the shitter.
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