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So the pre-cut replacement A-Pillar that I purchased with the Switch Pros setup is very different than the OEM A-Pillar. You can see the comparison in the following pic.


Of course, it’s a Sunday so I’m not going to be able to call them on the weekend and I have the Jeep taken apart.

The OEM panel has tabs at the bottom that fit into tabs in the dash as you can see in the next pic.


I “might” be able to make it work if I cut the tabs off of the dash.

Anyone have any suggestions or experience with this?

As an aside, the Rugged Ridge A-Pillar that comes with this kit is not a very good match to the OEM texture and color. I can live with it, but I expected a better match.

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Looking at the box, I now think I received the incorrect A-Pillar.


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I got it to fit without trimming anything, but it definitely isn’t the same as the factory piece.


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Hmmm, I don’t think there’s a different one available and it’s only labeled as such because Rugged Ridge never updated packaging. I’ve only installed one of those at the shop but don’t remember it well. Think I had to trim the Rugged Ridge piece at the bottom a little.

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You have the correct a-Pillar mount.
Jeep made some changes to the A-Pillar in 17, but Rugged Ridge did not make any changes to their mount.
It will fit but you have to play with it a little.
We have a 2017 and it fits fine. See pic.
You can probably push the bottom over a little further to the right to reduce the gap.
If you are not happy with your setup, we also offer a mount that is mounted between the visors.




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^ I figured as much. Not Switch-Pro’s fault either way because it isn’t your product. I wish that RR would come out with a proper match though. In any event, I moved it around a bit and it looks better; I may do some trimming too.

As for the Switch-Pro...I’m very happy with it. The install was easy and everything works as it should. [emoji106]🥃

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