2013 SEMA 4-Door Early Bronco


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Icon4x4 makes clean rides. This is awesome but what i really want to see is a 4D version of this...


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What is a Dana 33 ? Also did they really have different ratios in the rear then the front ?
Whoops : I meant 30, trying to focus on too much at once. 13 week old puppy can be distracting!
Yes they really did, really would wallow in the sand if you didn't have the newer tires in front w/more air.

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Friggin awesome! My buddy was telling me that his shop isn't very far away form one of his uncles and that these Broncos they build (not just JKU hybrid ones but ful restoration ones) sell for ass loads of money. Theres money to be made in Broncos I reckn' lol

2007 JKU

Most came with D44's..
The 44's were never a option the Dana 44 became the standard Bronco front axle early in the 1971 production year

Best looking 4 door conversion EB I've seen but suspension is OLD school and IMO poorly designed which is a shame when they have invested so much $


1966 . . .

was the year production started, the 30s were far more prevalent when I built.
The 44s were way more difficult to procure, and the disc brake 44s & Saginaw
power steering boxes even more so. Perhaps in your location the original customer
base had different goals, in the PNW things seem different.


<edit> The '76 I had was box stock w/an 30. Perhaps someone "made do" w/an 30,
but it wasn't apparent.
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