2.0 Turbo JL rear main seal

It looks like my rear main seal is starting to fail. Not bad enough to drip on the driveway yet. I took it in for an oil change at the Jeep quick lube and they said the same. Now I'm going to have to set up an appointment at the dealership🤦. I'm hoping there is a leaking sensor up high because I saw some residual oil on the middle of the bell housing. I check the oil all the time so this must be a new issue. I'm thinking 30,000 miles is low for it to start to fail.
Update: Well I finally got it into the dealership and they said it is the RMS. I had to make another appointment a month away for them to fix it. It's crazy how busy the dealership is.
Update: It has been a few, but I finally got the rear main seal done. Of course there is still some oil seeping, but I hope that goes away with time. I'm not sure how long the Jeep had been leaking before I had it.
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