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    I can't see spending crazy money on a battery like that that might might last the same as a lesser expensive one. I purchased one with higher cranking amps about 850 from AutoZone over two years ago. THe factory ones are about 600-650. This one works better with a winch. We were on a trip and had to get it jumped at a place on way to COS. Found an AutoZone there and told them I had purchased in NC. They looked at my record via phone number to prove it. They gave me a free replacement. Can't beat that. There are AutoZone's everywhere.
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    I ran blue tops in my boat.

    Odessy in my light weight car (shaved almost 20lbs from stock).

    In my Jeep I'm still stock, but my truck I have run batteries from advanced auto. Their batteries have serviced me well. As someone else mentioned Advanced are everywhere and 30% off coupons are not hard to find.

    I have friends that swear by interstate.

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    I run the yellow tops in a few of my vehicles. The only failure I've had was when it was run completely dead by the dealer taking off the doors for 3 days and then I couldn't get it recharged. Then I got an education in the differences in the chargers. Yes, a regular battery charger will ruin an AGM battery by cooking it. The regular chargers can also see a deep cycle battery as incapable of being charged when it is just too low for a conventional charger which has a safety that prevents it from charging batteries that dip below a certain level. Deep cycles can go as low as 20% and still be recharged where a regular battery cannot. Optima has a video on how to trick the charger by connecting 2 batteries to the charger for a bit to allow the deep cycle to take a charger to a level that makes it work and then you take out the second battery. All of this presumes I guess that the charger is set at a safe level for an AGM. The video of the procedure was easy to find on YouTube.

    CTEK is the company that makes the most popular AGM chargers. Most of the luxury car brands have their own CTEK chargers with their name on them. You can get one for $65 on Amazon. They also have a "reconditioning" feature that is supposed to bring a deep cycle battery back to life.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jesse3638 View Post
    I believe it's directly through Costco. These stickers are also on the battery.

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    Optima is now manufactured by Interstate.

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