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    Long Arms (and Coilovers)

    Iron Rock has a bolt on long arm kit for front and rear. Convenient, but I'd wait for EVO, haven't heard good things about the Iron Rock set up.
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    3.6 with Etorque or 3.0 ecodiesel or 392

    Ok, you caught me, it's only 5"🤣
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    3.6 with Etorque or 3.0 ecodiesel or 392

    I have the 3.0l in my JT, 5" lift, 37's, 34k miles and it's been great. Love the torque, it gets up and goes and get's great mpg's ( 27 mpg). I never had a 3.6, I've had a 3.8 and have a 6.2 in my JKU. I can't see myself ever going with a 3.6l after having so much available torque.
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    The SCOURGE of Off-Roading - This is Why Land and Trails Get Closed

    That’s terrible, I too have been dealing with this for years. I have a property abutting BLM land. It’s on a dead end private road clearly marked as a dead end and private property. But Google took an aerial photo and thought my neighbors drive way was a road connecting to BLM land. It clearly...
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    Very Nice, I used to own property just down the road from there in the early 90'. I was looking out there again just a few months ago. Found a great parcel with a spring on it but sadly the water rights were sold off to a farmer down the road so I couldn't utilize any of it.
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    JLU to JT

    Didn’t switch, just added a 3.0l JT to stable. Zero regrets, awesome MPG’s great torque, and trouble free.
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    JLU to JT

    I have a JKU and added a JT 3.0l. Love it so far. 23k miles in a year with no problems, great mpgs and love all the torque, I purposely waited for the 3.0 to come out, got the first one to land in northern NV.
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    Trail Hero

    Anyone heading to the Trail Hero event in October? Great week long event with concerts, beach Parties, Supercrawl event etc.
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    6.2L Gen V LT Gladiator - Would You be Interested?

    I love having an LS in my JKU, tons of fun. When I went to buy a JT I knew it's first job would be a "commuter", but it would see plenty of off road time, then probably built into a crawler. So I waited for the 3.0l, and love it. Would I trade it for an LT? No, it's got plenty of torque and...
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    Easter Jeep Safari 2022

    Sand Flats has some really cool spots tucked between fins and near some trails. It also has you close to town and some fun stand alone obstacles. Other than the group sites, it's all first come first served. So EJS week it's a mad dash to see who gets a spot. If you want to be close to water...
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    No Fridge / No Cooler / No Ice

    Interesting...... I can’t help but wonder what takes up the most space in your Jeep. 🤔 Having wheeled trails like the Dusy Ershim (minimum 3 days on the trail) and camped a 3-4 nights in the desert etc with 3 kids in a CJ8 we always had room for a cooler. Sometimes we used a roof rack ( for...
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    BEAM ME UP SCOTTY - Havin a Time on the ET Highway

    Glad you opted out of food at the Little A’Le’Inn, it’s not there strong point 😆
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    VIDEO : Where in the Hell Have We Been?

    I can relate to some of what your dealing with. I have an 87 year old father and 97 year old mother in law. Both of them healthy, but getting more frail. Both starting to exhibit signs of dementia. Have had to move one of them in with family, and the other gets help with a physical therapist...
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    WAYALIFE on the GO : Miscellaneous Photos from Cindy & Eddie!

    Saw a familiar JT in the Mucc today. I’m guessing refreshing libations were in order. 🍻
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    Which EVO lift?

    The Mopar 2" lift allows for 37's and is more budget minded.
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