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    FOR SALE : Trail Buds 2007 Jeep JK Wrangler Rubicon Unlimited - SOLD

    Man thats a heck of a deal. Good luck with the sale and hopefully stays on here.
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    In DENIAL in DENIO - Getting Away & Exploring the Northwest Corner of Nevada

    Happy Birthday Eddie. Looks like a great way to welcome in a new year!
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    LONG CUT to TONOPAH - An Wandering Overland Trip Up to Central Nevada

    Awesome pics and so cool to see that scenery. Can't wait to get back down that way sometime soon. Happiest of birthdays Jeepfan.
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    HELP SAVE the Short Branch Saloon - Miss Kathy's Ghost Town Watering Hole

    Donated! Cool of you to get the word out.
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    UD60s / Fusion 60s

    They use the same as stock, or upgraded for what a stock would take if that makes sense. I currently have fusion on mine. They are literally as bolt in as it gets. Wheel speed sensors and everything.
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    Eddie…… Thank You Again!

    Congrats on the new Jeep. Glad to hear it all went smoothly!
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    Diff locker question on necessity.

    I'm sure you saw the date on it. Check out the other videos on wayalife's channel to see more about it. It was really early when the Gladiator came out and was pretty awesome to see how dollar wise where you can get for just a bit more than a Rubicon. Hopefully some of the guys with...
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    Diff locker question on necessity.

    I see you are up here in my neck of the woods. Brute hit the nail on the head with "when you need them... you need them" With 24 plus years of experience off road I imagine you would know this better than anyone. Up here in Washington (welcome btw) I don't find myself using a locker as much...
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    Perdue’s JT build

    Not a problem. They really don't need too much love. Take good care of that JT. I snapped a pic of it while I was behind you at some point. My wife is not a fan of the Gladiator but when she saw yours she said "yeah I would drive that". Between seeing pics of yours and a pic I got of...
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    Perdue’s JT build

    There are a bunch of threads on this, with some people doing it every oil change and some that never do anything to them. I imagine the biggest thing is not to "force" too much grease in to them, as I think the clip can pop or you can get the cup pressing past the washer (hope that makes...
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    Perdue’s JT build

    Yes please do! Not a prob. I was able to use the same hole on mine by drilling through super carefully with the 15/64ths (totally going off memory from a year ago, but I think it was slightly smaller than what size the zerk was) and then running through with a tap. Obviously make sure you...
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    Perdue’s JT build

    Ugh that sucks. Not JT but pertaining to the joint, my old rear lower control arm mount put the zerk pretty much in a spot where they tend to snap. I tried the EZ out method, but when I switched to the hi clearance I pulled the joint and drilled through with something like a 7/32 or 15/64...
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    Currie anti rock with Evo double throwdown

    Just curious and asking a question, and I have an antirock. Where did you lose the 2" of droop from the earlier post and the bigger question is why would a sway bar limit droop in the first place? Or are you talking about flex? Also you should update what you have in your profile. Says you...
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    Dealing with Covid

    So sorry you guys are going though this. I can't even imagine how you are feeling. Hoping for the best for you.
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    Please do not Dispute Charges BEFORE Contacting Me for a Return

    Holy crap. I agree with CalSgt above. On top of that you aren't some fly by night over seas company or something. Sheesh.
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