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    show your sunrise/sunset pictures

    Here are a few shots from the Canyon Lands National Park.
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    What's your view like at work?

    Lots of glass where I work.
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    Random Photos

    Saw this in Tyler,TX yesterday. The birds were permanently attached...
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    Random Photos

    Here's a good idea for window replacement. Bet it's great at high altitude.
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    What was done to your rig this week?

    Drained the rear diff and checked the gears. Still Looking good!
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    Then & Now Pics - Let's See em!

    Pretty fresh off the lot. Camped off Reservation Rd. Near Camp Hale north of Leadville, CO.
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    Texas bluebonnets

    Here's one I snapped the other day. My jeeps not in the pic but it's a Bluebonnet
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    Show your Wrist Watch

    This is the best watch I've ever owned.
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    FLEX FRIDAY!! Let's See Pics of your Jeep Twisted Up!!

    Barnwell OHV Clyde's ravine
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    Greasing Evo Front Lowers

    After looking at mine the OP must have the jeep jacked up or something. Looks like a 90 would definitely work here. I just crawled under the jeep with my small grease gun for this pic.
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    4.88 or 5.13 gears on 37 inch tires?

    That's incorrect. Here's the official chart and it is gauged at 70mph. For 37s and 5.13 you'll be running 2600 rpm for a manual and 2708 rpm for an auto with the 3.6L. It's accurate because that's where my RPMs are running in my 2012 manual. You'll also have more power pulling a trailer...
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    Being single

    Maybe the problem IS they're Vegas girls...??? Maybe you should change your search area.
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    FLEX FRIDAY!! Let's See Pics of your Jeep Twisted Up!!

    Coming down Holy Cross :D
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    Steering Pump Limping/Blown Seeking advise

    So on my last trip to Barnwell OHV park here in TX I seem to have blown my steering pump. My front locker has seen a lot of action. While at Barnwell I heard a pop and steering went to hell. Upon reaching the end of the trail it appeared the pump had burped out fluid, and what fluid was in...
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    Random Photos

    Coolest hotwheels ever. ;)
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