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    Tazer JL

    Bluetooth capability and a App to adjust settings instead of going through the dash menu... Every time I've touched the taser in the past 4 years I've had to re-watch Eddies video to remember the Taser hokey pokey.
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    New to Jeep from KY

    Welcome from California
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    Welcome from California
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    Random (non-Jeep) Shit You’re Working On....

    K-10 stuff... Trying to figure out how to integrate all of the new electronics with the 42 year old wiring. Also got the bed floor & wheel tubs epoxied and primed
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    Hola from Houston

    Welcome from California
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    Mbrp vs dynomax

    For a simple axle back muffler delete I don't think its possible for one brand to stand out much from any other brand, its just a bent piece of pipe about 2 feet long. Get the cheaper one... On cat back systems that include a muffler where the stock resonator is however brand name can make a...
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    Hello from Staten Island

    Welcome from California
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    Rear shocks extension help needed

    I think I used teraflex ones on my JL, they seemed decent but I only ran them for about 5K miles before switching out shocks. I bought them before I was aware teraflex has a poor reputation around here. Is it just a spacer lift, or does it come with springs?
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    Random (non-Jeep) Shit You’re Working On....

    Those are great deals, looks like a lot of good brands too... I think my Craftsman table saw and DeWalt 12" miter saw were over $600 each like 15-20 years ago. If she gets suspicious just tell her you borrowed them from me (winky emoji)
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    Welcome from California
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    Random (non-Jeep) Shit You’re Working On....

    Damn dude... You've saved yourself thousands on quality furniture this year. How much have you spent on tools and materials? I always end up breaking even or losing on the first few projects because I justify major tool purchases doing things myself.
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    Welcome from California
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    Random (non-Jeep) Shit You’re Working On....

    A little more K-10 stuff I get to pick my seat up on Wednesday too, super excited for that
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    Hi WAYALIFE Forum!

    Welcome from California
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    In need!!!

    Welcome from California
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