Ugh - Spacers


So got my 2021 JLU Willys and ordered my JKS 2.5 with 35x12.50 r17 Nitto ridges.

Now, come to find out the wheels I ordered are on a 4-6 month backorder and my lift goes on here in a few weeks.

I know spacers are hit and miss but looks like I'll have to run'em for a while. Anything I should look out for? My local jeep shop is going to install them and make sure they're all torqued.. I just don't want to be driving and have my wheel pass me by on the highway.


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^^ what he said. I’ve been running Spidertrax for a little over a year on factory wheels. Mix of trails, rocks and highway/street. No issues.


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Get Spidertrax, make sure they’re installed with red loctite and to the correct torque spec and you will be fine.
^ This, times 100. Make sure you know the torque spec used. Then, when you rotate the tires, you can set the torque at a pound or two less. If the nut moves, you know the loctite needs to be redone.


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Also, if I’m not mistaken, the JL axles are a little bit wider than the JK. Or at least the JL wheels have a different backspacing. Not much though.
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