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I did a search here and most of the posts were pretty old.
Does anyone have any experience with Super Swamper tires? What I find when doing a net search is a company called Interco. I do not know anything about them.


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What Snboarder said. However, their Trxus tires are radial. I've run them in the past and they weren't too bad.


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I ran them years back good tire off road especially aired down at highway speed they are loud as hell. And they are pretty expensive.


Interco tires were pretty popular around my area in the late 90's early 2000's, when I worked in tire shops... Since then they have a bunch of radial offerings. I would consider the IROK tire for a mostly trail or only trail driven jeep. I don't think I would put them on my DD, they are fairly soft.

ETA: I know several people running old swampers... They are all rock hard and don't grip on rock for shit, I think the rubber has lost its elasticity over the years.
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They’re big, beefy, rubber as thick as hell and can take a lot of scraping. I would not recommend them for any street Jeep, and for off-road only Jeep’s there are better options.


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Yea...a buddy of mine texted me about them last night. Tire prices are way up and I was looking for alternative's. Guess I just have to bend over and take it with or without lube.
Yeah, I think the virus thing didn't help anything there. For me, I'll be happy if I can just get tires. Most are out of stock or at least, in the size I want.


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right now, the best tire is the one you can get.

We just got notification from Toyo there are going to be huge gaps in their tire supply soon. Hankook is the same thing.
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