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I am trying so hard to get the wife interested in moving there. If I could get her to just open the door a crack I'd knock the fucker down and be on my way


I've been there & didn't want to leave. Tried to make it out to the Under the Big Sky festival in Whitefish this year but it's not gonna work out. Next year though, have to make the big push....
Hopefully it works out next year! It’s been a while since I’ve been to Whitefish, such a beautiful area.


I finally actually watched the North Face clip… Is this commercial a joke? It really seems to be like one!

They are the physical embodiment of the worst female stereotypes and somehow women are like "Yeah you go queen!" They won't define what a woman is so they make a mockery of them instead.
Where are all the feminists?! Men are trying to be better than women at being women, yet crickets from feminists.


Of course, Brandon will veto this so none of this really matters...

I know of 4 students who went to school with my daughter and a couple of them are still attending... that have financed their lifestyle and new cars with easy-to-get student loans.
One of them said when she needs money, she takes out a student loan which not only really bothered me but when I asked how it was possible, she couldn't give me an answer other than she just fills out the application and collects her money. 🤬
These are in the idiot tank that democrats will dismiss their loans and democrats shit magical money.
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