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Maybe they were fasting or you did not look appetizing? 😂🤣
One followed my buddy after he speared a giant GT off Kaena Point on the deep ledge there… my fish was already in the boat. He wanted a pic of him holding the fish with the tiger shark in the background…it made the cover of Hawaii Fishing News back in the ‘80’s…I was swimming with a bang stick while my other friend took the photo with his Nikonos.

The 2nd one was off the south west shore of Molokai after we had laid gill net for awa (milkfish)…just before sunset, I was pulling fish out of the net in chest high water when I look down the line of floats and saw a big dorsal swimming along the net…I jumped back into the 8’ square end dingy and saw him swim by an arms length away…he looked like a submarine in the shallow water…he ate most of the fish in the net, leaving just the heads.
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