PEOPLE SUCK and that INCLUDES Off Roaders!!


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It really is a sad testament of our times. There has been such a general coarsening of our culture that really seemed to kick off in the late nineties. People seem much more prone to stupid selfish look at me stunts. Guarantee this asshat was taping all of this with the intent of sharing with friends to get laughs. Wish I lived closer it would be a great gesture for a local 4x club to volunteer to help restore the damage.

What about taking donations here to fund a "wayalife restoration" of sorts?


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If only the TJ people had issues with the JK people for reasons like this instead of the "its not a real jeep" issue. This crap is directly related to newer vehicles being more capable and social media. Sucks. It's all going to end up closed and shut down.


Anyone know if they caught the dickheads that knocked all of those rocks over a couple weeks ago at Lake Mead?

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I don’t do Facebook but could someone join the group? It actually seems whoever put that pic up wants to find these asshats.


They know exactly who these guy are now, so will be interesting to see what the aftermath is.

Sadly, I blame social media, which I think is a thread of its own on here. People have no idea about “leave it better than you found it” mentality that has been around for decades. They just see some cool shit and off they go. No bother to educate themselves or others.

one thing I truly appreciate about about WAL is calling out asshats like these!!
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