Old Crusty- 1958 FC170


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Big win, doesn't seem like much but I finally had time to figure out why the first stroke was mush on the brakes. Turns out it just needed some adjustments to the brakes.

It'll stop now, no need to pump

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What a great thread. I look at these kind of like the VW guy's look at the Volkswagon bus. There is an unmatched uniqueness and style as well as an off the chart cool factor. And of course a bigger hit after its day than in it. There are so few out there that when I see one at a car show, (Which is most often the only place to even get a glimpse anymore) nobody seems to know what it is or has even heard of it. I think the mystery adds to the coolness of it.


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Finally had some spare time to try and install the mini alternator in the FC. The full size chevy alternator was to big to put the alternator cover on.

This should work great. To bad the bracket won't work. Time to order some parts to Frankenstein this bitch back together




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Just realized the FC170 is the longest I’ve ever owned one Jeep, we just celebrated 10 years !

i guess it was time it finally gave up on me, i went to start it the other day and it just clicked, I charged the battery and still just a click. I wasn’t even able to turn it over by hand.

so before I freaked out, I did some troubleshooting and ended up pulling the starter out. It turns out the bendix no longer works and the starter gear is stuck out engaging the flywheel. The starter turns over with a jump.

I’m going to try and rebuild it with a new bendix, a hell of a lot cheaper than a new rebuilt starter.


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It’s back alive !!

it’s pretty easy to install a new bendix into these old starters, $75 repaired compared to a $300 rebuilt starter.

Crown and omix both make these, I did see an AC delco one but it was a couple weeks out.

the tricky is part was finding the set screw, is hidden behind the spring in the old bendix, the new one I had to do a little clearance with a Demel to get it in. This is maybe a 20 minute repair once the starters out


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Well my old age fucked me, I was cleaning up and realized I missed two small screws that hold a backing plate together inside the starter, so the starter is coming back out. lol
Old age sucks, you're sitting there with a 9/16" wrench and NO clue what you were going to use it on......
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