New doors and hinges


Well after working with a local dealer I’m getting all new doors and hinges and a repaint on my 2020 JLUR. Apparently the doors and hinges are painted after assembly and the paint will crack behind the hinges allowing water to get in allowing oxidation to form on the doors and hinges.


I'd take the old doors if they would give them up... Some sawmill surgery, paint and three weeks I'd have me some custom half doors.


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Well known problem on the JL's, there is zero paint behind the hinges and a straight steel to aluminum fitment which is retarded. Living in the desert can be a blessing sometimes, my 19 hasn't started bubbling yet, probably won't as long as I stay out here.


Wow. That sucks. Any pics of what you were noticing prior to bringing it in?
Regrettably no, It is at the dealer now and I don't have access to it. Spoke with the rep from the dealer said that they will have it a while, I asked if that meant weeks or months... he said Hopefully weeks...
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