Manual 1994 Jeep xj HO 5th gear slows down


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So I have a 4.5 lift kit in this running 33” x 12.5s. Recently I noticed I start to slow down once I put it in 5th and it takes about 5 minutes for the needle to climb up and get up to speed. Someone told me it’s the clutch and that I need to replace it Adjustments.jpg but I’d like to hear from the experts. Thank you

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If the clutch is on its way out the rpms would climb without the car accelerating as fast(clutch slipping), if you are saying that once the jeeps in fifth it takes a while for the speed the match the rpms then I would say it’s the clutch is slipping

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5th gear isn’t for accelerating anymore when you have big boy tires, mainly coasting downhill... with a tail wind..drafting a semi.
If this is a new development with no tire /wheel changes than you have something holding it back. Tune up, clogged cat, brake drag etc. As long as your rpms aren’t increasing without speed increasing it is most definitely not your clutch.

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