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Well as much as I hate build threads I figured I would start one for this. Piginajeep sent me a link to this the other night and I went and picked it up today. 1975 DJ5 with V6. AMC 232 3 speed 2WD. 77k miles. Spec sheet on rear axle says limited slip but I’m not sure yet since I haven’t dug into it. Floorboards have some rust so I will replace them but other than that it’s pretty solid. Drove it a few miles tonight.

Lights work, dash lights work, runs and idles great. Front seat in pretty good shape. Brakes might need a little work since they have never been touched. Fires right up first try. Previous owner was going to run it in the gambler rally and I’m glad he didn’t so I could save it.

Plans are not much. Gonna fix the floorboards, turn signals, speedometer and come up with a temp mount for a passenger seat so we can wheel it. Maybe try and get the original paint job back eventually. Anyway here are some pics. I’ll post more tomorrow when I start tearing it apart.

Picking it up

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At home

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Parked in the garage next to the others. Three Jeep household now

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Pictures of the exterior. All doors work and latch

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Interior pictures

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Wiper motor. Wipers work too

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And lastly, at least this Jeep has AC in it!

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