Looking for tough frame mounted sliders.


If you don't want to watch entire video, just forward to like 5:22. Every time I go out...at some point the rock sliders are taking the weight of the Jeep. They are bolted to frame and thick, very stout sliders.



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+1 on the LOD tube sliders. Signature Series. I beat the tar out of mine and they are still in good shape. Only problem down the road is if you go long arm, the sliders wont fit.
Is this true? I’m getting the evo high clearance long arm kit and have the LoD sliders.


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I've run the LOD tube style guards and they worked well. However, I've seen their formed ones not do as good. Although I haven't seen them in action, it'd be hard for me to say that the Artec ones would do much better.

Did you paint or vinyl cover the pinch seam?
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