Hello from West Covina California!

Calmate wey… lol. Soy de Tejas, y mi esposa es de Mexico.
But for real, you did come in kinda hot with the first post mentioning your Instagram. No bueno on this forum.
Haha haha I understand compa.. just trying to be friendly with the white people homie . I didn’t know we were going to act gangster. Haha but fuck it.. I am game.. that puto told me to fuck off .. haha so fuck that puto
If America is so bad you are welcome to leave. Just like this forum. You won’t last long around here.
Haha haha this guy , callate puto .. it’s the fucking Internet stupid .. did I say America is bad. Oh lord, you’re the guy that said “fuck off “ that said fucking Mexicans. Now you’re getting your feelings hurt. Shut up already. Fucking say hi ! And welcome me , pinchi vato pendejo!
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