GFrench 76 CJ5 Restoration


Just took a little priming of the Cab and she fired right up!

Sounds real healthy so far-

Now on to setting the Timing and dialing in the Carb- More video coming

Prep for start up... sorry for weird angle of camera..

Did not take long to get things smooth out a bit- sounds Healthy!

Timing is set- Carb in dialed in for now... runs smooth and accelerates very nice!



Wow! been away for a long time.... Been real busy with Work Life, Moving, Building new shop over the past year or so.... ..

Thought I would give you all an update on my 5- due to recent move she has been sitting idle for the past 11 months... finally got the Garage organized so I could get the old girl out and fired up... took just a simple shot of starter fluid and fired right up!

I have the Jeep with me here in East Texas where we spend our winters... Took it out a few days ago to run it and introduce it to our new home area.

Runs like a Champ!!

Now just have the electrical to hook up and get the dash installed- New Speedhut gauges etc... Will post up some pics of the new Gauges- Stereo- Speaker Set up (6 of those) with amp. Stay tuned!

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