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Saw this clip of a massive section of cliff falling into Lake Powell and couldn't help but to think, this could easily be a section of trail in Moab like Cliff Hanger or the like. 😳
I often see giant lonely rocks perched on a ledge above me while fishing, hiking or wheeling…wondering when the time comes for departure. Forty years ago, I used to hike a mountain ridge that overlooks Waimanalo, and would stand on this giant rock that cropped out from the animal trail…one day, I hiked up there and it was gone…you could see the broken trees as it made its way down, but not the rock
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Near the overlook on Golden Spike at Magic Bush, there's a huge crack. As you step over, you can feel the wind blowing up through. We often wonder if that piece is going to fall today, or 1,000 years from now.


I've been through some areas where I even second guess getting a soft top... let alone the whole F'n cliff falling off. That shit scares me.


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I often point at stuff like that and tell my wife "imagine the sound of that shit coming down".


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Reminds me of my last trip to Black Bear Pass. Had to turn around because of a rock slide on the down hill one way part that blocked the trail. Happened maybe 30 minutes before we got there.


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Damn! I think about shit like Cliffhanger, Black Bear etc as well. If it happens then it’s my time. I look at pictures like this and think about those giant boulders that are teetering on the edge. And look at the canyon below. Those boulders came from the top.

Another spot I always crack up at is on I-70 around the Bookcliffs at Grand Junction and Fruita area. Check out the massive boulders that are south of the highway. They came from north of the highway! It would be like getting struck by lightning but it would suck if it happened.

Over 20 years ago me and a buddy were heading to Aspen to climb the Maroon Bells. We left the Denver area in the evening and we got to Glenwood Canyon at dark. One of the electronic signs said “Boulder in left lane ahead. Warning”. I slowed down and a few miles down the road there was a fucking boulder as big as the lane just sitting there in the left lane. By itself. It took up the whole left lane and was at least 15 feet tall. Road crews hadn’t gotten to it yet to put up signage and cones.

I worked a summer in Trinidad, Colorado and one day we had a mechanic driving to work in his F-550 and a boulder came off the cliff and landed on the hood of his truck. The boulder was almost as wide as his hood and a couple feet high. I talked to the mechanic and he wasn’t shy to admit that he crapped his pants! 😂

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Here’s another that’ll make you think twice of those shelf roads… 🤣

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