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The amount of taxes Ca puts on everything, we should have the best roads/freeways in the country. Hell, I’ve been down trails that are smoother than the paved street in front of my house! I don’t live far from downtown either. This state has to be the worst at managing its money. Too much is spent on idiotic things and nowhere near enough is spent where it needs to be.
That and it's given away in handouts to everyone and their mother. Unless you're in the middle class. Then you have to earn your keep. Because of a CA law that states if inflation rises above 7% for the previous year (cutrently 7.4%) minimum wage is going to $15.50 an hour next year. Goes for all businesses regardless of the number of employees. Can't wait to see what that does to inflation and how many more small businesses go under because they can't afford to pay that plus all the other things an employer pays for each employee.


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Of course with that it also means more people that are becoming dependent on the dole which means more votes in the long run if they are given enough. Drives me nuts when I think about the lazy people that just have their hands out. Those with actual illnesses or other problems that prevent steady working are one thing and the people that worked their butts off to earn the right to relax. It’s the entitled little snots that shouldn’t be allowed to get hand outs, free phones, anything they want. Spoiled brats is all they are.
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