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I’m on my second soft top. First one...zipper ripped on a side window (top connection) and bought a new top last year. The side windows seem to be a real pain in the ass. They slope upwards toward the rear doors. And when securing the bottom channels, the zippered parts start to rip apart. Really tired of having to finagle this so it doesn’t happen. Anyone have experience with the nx glide tops? What about the bestop supertop? Looks interesting however when completely down it seems the rear view is really obstructed. Thanks.

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Merged here. I had some questions a few years ago as well. We went with the Bestop Supertop NX. It's held up fine.

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My Bestop Trek Nx is 4 years old and no issues. I would buy it again tomorrow if something happens to this one [emoji1303] Adjustments.jpg

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I'm sure there are other good jeep soft tops out there, but I ended up getting a Bestop Trek NX because of the recommendations of my friends. I really like its sun flip back feature. It is easy to install and remove as well. So far no leaks or unwanted noises. The only con I can say is that the upper stitching on the back window is a bit poor.


I have a 2017 JK with a soft top that needs to be replaced due to zippers being worn out. Any suggestions on aftermarket tops for a 2 door.
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