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    Random Internet Shit you've come across

    Same as the late 60’s government killed the muscle cars
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    Moab in winter

    I hate mud
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    Moab in winter

    I would bet it would give a whole new meaning to slick rock with some snow .
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    Storage prep, leaving Jeep for 3 months

    Three months won’t hurt nothing battery tender if you have one top of the tank add some stabil for good measure and walk away
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    VIDEO : Jeep Gladiator Dynomax Quite Crawler Exhaust System Install

    Cool vid but where’s the dog ?
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    Pet Peeves - What Pisses You Off?

    How about cornucopia?
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    Synthetic Winch Line

    I have the same setup it don’t take much to make it fit . I put the thimble between two 2X4’s and whacked it with a BFH
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    New KMC wheels and UD60s

    Say goodbye to your money 🤣
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    New member from Arizona

    Welcome from a fellow Arizonan
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    Synthetic Winch Line

    If you look at the factor 55 site it says you need to press the thimble to flatten it on the warn rope and it will fit .
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    Random Internet Shit you've come across

    Man how times have changed
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    Tired of the Jeep leaving me stranded, help me value it so I can sell it

    Nice looking Jeep you could just drop it off at Motech problem solved . If it has issues it’s going to affect the price quite a bit my guess in today’s market $15 or $16K .
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    Happy Thanksgiving Everyone...

    Happy thanksgiving
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    What was done to your rig this week?

    37X12.50 bfg KO2’s
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    What was done to your rig this week?

    Out of curiosity and some money burning a hole in my pocket . I took the Jeep to a reputable dyno shop . The LT1 10 Speed made 335 horsepower & 375 ftp of torque. With just a few minor tweaks to the tune .
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