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    Rubi jk swaybar takeoff

    I have a 08 jkx and was looking to do the evo no limits sway bar disconnect but I need a rubicon swaybar to make it work. If you guys have one you no longer need or would be willing to sell for cheap I’m willing to pick up un in LA/San Bernardino area.
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    08 JK restoral project - need new bumper

    Anyone got an unwanted rubicon plastic bumper that is not faded either from a JK/JL within 1 hour of West Covina? I’m working on a project to “restore” my wife’s stock 08 JK without braking the bank. So far I’ve got JL rubicon wheels and tires, 2 inch spidertrax wheel spacers, new headlights...
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    Do I need an alignment?

    I’m planning to buy used rubicon shocks and springs to replace the stock, wore out ones on my 2 door jk X. A lot of people say that they have seen an increase of about 1inch of life when doing this. Would I need an alignment for a 1inch difference of lift? Any other feedback on replacing the...
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