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    Newbie 2023 JLXR

    Welcome and congrats!
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    Jonny Trucks Here!

    Uh oh
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    EVO 1/4 Mid Hoop bumper pics wanted

    I have many pics... lol from every angle. Let me know if you want any specific shots.
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    Hello from Nevada

    Welcome from SoCal! Cool JK!
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    Rob from Brisbane

    I've been down under once, met a strange lady, she made me nervous. She took me in and gave me breakfast, though. Lol, Welcome from Southern California 🤙
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    Hello from CT

    Welcome from SoCal 🤙
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    Hello from Houston

    Welcome to Wayalife from Cali 🤙
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    Hello from Southern California

    Welcome from San Diego, just west of Lakeside lol
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    A Dirt Head's JK

    Thanks! I got the Driving/Spot combo for around $260 for both. To my surprise they lit up the whole street haha! I ordered these a while back and received them this past Thursday. I believe BD's Lights are on an 8 week backorder now due to demand. They might be in stock elsewhere if you don't...
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    Hello from Knoxville Tennessee

    Welcome from another late JK owner! Mine was built in January 2018 and just so happens to also be a white 2 door JK 👍
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    A Dirt Head's JK

    They clear just perfectly. Specs say it's 2.2" from top to mounting plate.
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    A Dirt Head's JK

    Rear Chase Lights installed! Went with Baja Designs S2s in Amber and they fit perfectly in between my EVO Rear Fascia and the tailgate.
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    Desert Storm...

    That granite crystal looks killer!!! Can't wait to see what you do with this one. Congrats!
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    Air Compressors - On Board or Not

    Lol, my buddy uses that and has never had an issue or complaint. He's told me to get it a dozen times, and I just might to avoid dropping $600 on the ARB right now. It's definitely on my list though.
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    Air Compressors - On Board or Not

    This is where I'm leaning. Definitely seems to be the standard.
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