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    Wave from south jersey

    Welcome to WAYALIFE
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    Howdy from another Texas kid

    Welcome to WAYALIFE
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    Wave from an old member just back to the forum

    Welcome back 👋
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    Random Photos

    Heat deflector. it would be great if it was also a griddle!
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    Random Photos

    Coming out next year. Will make the solo stove even better.
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    What was done to your rig this week?

    When I found it I just started laughing. He didn’t find it as funny, but was very glad it was fixable and didn’t cause more damage.
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    What was done to your rig this week?

    My father in law stopped by today, said his Jeep was making an odd clunking sound and felt really washy in the ass end. So took a look for him and found this. So pulled it apart and got it back together for him.
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    Ts&Ps to Wade family

    I saw a post he made about this. So sad.
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    New member from Texas

    Welcome to WAYALIFE
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    Welcome to WAYALIFE
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    Off grid camping trailer build

    Finally picked up the rim for the spare and mounted it this afternoon.
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    Show your Knives!

    I’m hesitant to carry it around, because I’m hard on knifes typically and I prefer fixed blades. I have used it for light stuff. It seems really well made though. Nice weight for its size and comfortable to hold.
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    Random Photos

    You could be on to something there!
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    Random Photos

    Was leaving a gas station this afternoon and seen this… I mean at least they tried I guess. When you see it.
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    Hello from Wickenburg

    Welcome to WAYALIFE
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