WAYALIFE on the GO : Miscellaneous Photos from Cindy & Eddie!


I've seen and been through a few in the Vegas area over the years but yeah, it may have been as far back as the 80's since I've seen it like this. Just the day after day of pounding wind, rain, lightning and thunder has been unreal.

It must be caused by global warming/ climate change/ global cooling/ the ozone layer/ climate disruption/ greenhouse gasses/ climate racism/ climate insurrection/ Trump.


LOL - right?! With half doors on too!

I think something like an inch of rain fell in about half an hour. There was a crazy amount of lightning and thunder everywhere too. Large parts of the city were dark from the power going out. It was just nuts 🤪
I heard about the deluge…even some of the casinos were leaking water inside…
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