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I am looking to get new tires for JL Rubicon. Split between 37x12.5 vs 37x13.5.

Any feedback is appreciated. I usually drive on pavement and Cleveland, Ohio is known for a bunch of snow in the winters.



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I have Nitto 37 x 13.5 17's on mine. I haven't measured vs 12.5 but I'd guess they aren't a full inch wider. Maybe but I like the 13.50's just fine no problems at all. 37 psi = white knuckle please get me off this ride on the highway. 32 PSi and it's much much more stable and tracks much better.
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I've only run 12.50s in both BFGs on my TJ and Nittos on my JK. All the other guys have good input and I'd take into consideration what they said. I'd also check things like clearance in the fender wells and on the outer lip of the fender flares when fully stuffed, as well as rubbing on the front lower control arms which is common as well. All depends on wheels and their backspacing as well, but again a 13.50 over a 12.50 isn't much of a difference.
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Ok, I will put in my two cents. I had the Toyo Open Country tires that were 37x13.5x17 they are a great tire dont get me wrong, but they are stiff due to being E Rated. I just replaced them with the Nitto Ridge Grapplers that are 37x12.5x17 and they are D rated.
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