Thoughts on Mickey Thompson


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Mickey Thompson is made by Cooper and they're essentially the same tires only with different tread designs. Of course, Cooper is now owned by Goodyear and that's something worth noting if you care about the way they choose to wear their politics on their shirt sleeves.


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I had a set of baja mt.... somethings...the ones that tread looks like a arrow / chevron. They sucked to balance, but they did do well in sand, not so much in mud. Was generally not a fan of that one, cant say for mickey as a whole.


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I have a set of atz p3s on my truck that we’re on my Jeep. They were great in the snow at first, but half - 3/4 tread life down they sucked. I wouldn’t buy them again since they are owned by Goodyear. Now I have BFG KO2s on my Jeep and love them!


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I used to run Mickey's years ago, good on dry earth, sucked in snow and on really wet roads.

Can't speak to anything current they make as manufacturers change rubber compounds but never used them again.

Other than the Cooper, I've run BFG on all my Jeeps
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