Once you go Black you never go back!!! Black rigs here.


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Love my black JKRU, Except it shows the scratches from brush so easily. The good thing, though, about the scratches from brush, is that it shows I have lots of good times in this baby! IMG_3384.JPG

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Jeep Reloaded

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Was thinking about starting a local Jeep club here in Texas called the Black Jeep society. The "BJs" for short. Might make for an interesting club sticker.

Howdy from Texas!
'76 CJ-5 V8 Renegade (grey Levi's), retired.
'14 JK Sport 2DR (Black), weekend fun.


Mine and my boys TJ we traded our charger for, best trade ever lol, new set of tires and a week later spent a week in moab w00t

hurrah pass 2017.jpg
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