New Jeeper to Wayalife, thanks for having me!

Muddy Ruttzz

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Hi Eddy, hi everyone!

Love your videos Eddy! Im new to forums so I have some learning to do.
My wife and me have a diesel Wrangler and a Xventure XV3 Trailer we like to get out in. Our biggest trip was the Mohave Road. Notable because we ignored the detour and took the tougher route over Piute Mountains. Jeep has opened up possibilities for us and I’ve started posting videos. Thanks again for having me!

Mike Pierson

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Welcome! I’d have to agree, our JLUR has been a great thing for my wife and I. It’s something we have in common now that scratches that adventure itch. 👍


Caught the Bug
And another welcome from Arizona 😁👋

Been over a lot of trails in the Piute's myself. El Paso's, Rand, & others out there too. Been a long time since over to Cima Dome & other parts of the Mojave Road though.
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