My new JL


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Supply chain woes.

Someone posted this a few weeks ago. Something supposedly about if there's a tire blowout, it keeps the tire from coming up and doing something bad. Keeps Jeep from getting sued basically.
It is a rock catcher. Designed to cach rocks. Similar to a cow catcher on trains. 😀

Disciple Off Road

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Giving things a look, I noticed this thing too. And I should note, it's only on the passenger side. WTF is it? LOL
"Oh you know, the thing".....(insert Biden voice)
Brought it home today. I have to go to school to learn all the stuff in it. Don’t plan to doing much to it. I want to retire. :).
Congrats Doug!! Looks great. It appears your signature needs some updating 😎


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Congrats on the new Jeep sir. Can’t wait to see what you build it into.

Also the bracket is a crash bar. Just keeps the passenger tire from finding its way into the cabin if hit just right in an accident. Similar to the one found on the Bronco, I bet it’s to help there safety and crash rating. Or at least make it more comparable to the Bronco’s.
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