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Hi everyone,

As I'm seeking out info for lifting my 17 JKUR, I keep hitting a wall with decisions on springs. So... I came up with an idea for the community to use. Since I have all the equipment to do it, along with data processing and display tools, I figured I'd run it by you all. (especially Wayoflife, as I don't want to step on manufacturer/sponsor toes!!!)

What I'm proposing is making an excel file that displays the selected spring rate profile for the selected spring model and length. I would be getting this data by loading the springs in set of fixtures I will machine on a servohydraulic test rig, and recording force data in relation to the amount the spring is being compressed.

This data will let you see what actual lift of a set of springs is at the load your Jeep will have, and let you compare stiffness of springs, without needing to install them yourself to find out! There are all sorts of ways to use this info.

Since the springs would not be constrained from rotation in this setup, rateso may be slightly lower, but it would be consistent across all test runs.

I'd happily do this for free, and how I'd envision it working is as follows:

Ship me one front and rear spring.

I run the test.

I ship them back, or scrap them, if you are done with them.

Since I'd only have one side of spring pairs, there is no value in me keeping them.

I would ship back via a discounted UPS account, insured.

I would then update my post with the m
ost recent iteration of the excel file with the new data, a screenshot of the file with all spring ploys overplayed (for those who can't open a .xls file) and hope for more springs.

What do you think? Right now I need springs for the 35s I just bought to be able to be run, so I'd love to jump on this ASAP.

Thanks for all the info I've found here, and hopefully the powers that be let this project move forward. I'd love to give back to the community with what I can!
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That's kind of where this started... I contacted one, but then I started databasing info... and with multi rate/progressive rate, a tool makes it easy for people who can't understand the numbers. Sincell I run this kind of stuff daily, it's much easier to just pump out data from real test runs instead of getting info from manufacturers.

Could even run shock dyno curves and post them... but from experience with contacting one manufacturer about their shock tunes... I'm guessing that one might cause a stir.


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Fair assumptions on both your parts, I'd be skeptical too. No offense taken, fully expected skepticism, as this IS the Internet, and I too have been taken advantage of.

However, I'm not asking for spring pairs to be sent. One spring, or both one front and rear, doesn't do me much good. I'd be happy to prove my good intentions by running donations from either of you, with me sending a PayPal deposit to you to ensure the safe return of your spring. Either of you wish to volunteer and prove that there ARE stand up people on the internet? That puts me in the risky position: How am I guaranteed you'll refund my deposit after safe return without a huge paypal battle?

My build is simply only in pieces right now, racing King of the Hammers on a whim with someone got in the way of speeding through my build due to a firesuit, HANS, and new spec helmet purchase. Thus, I've only been listing the few parts I've gotten together. Using the word "on" in my build should probably be replaced with "next to" since they keep going on and off to do measurements and fit checks before I decide on what makes it "on" in the end.


I love the idea. I can't stand how most rates aren't available. And calling does not always get you the info. I have a spring rate calculator I made in excel to try to do this but it's limited by how much we know about the manufacturer's material, and sometimes imprecise measurements. Also hard to do multi rate.

So yes, please try to do this. But you'll need good luck finding people with their springs out. Maybe start a go fund me to cover shipping for people.

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I've thought of doing this exact thing. I'd start by reaching out to local guys so you can turn them around fast and build some credibility. Share your results here and guys may jump on board.


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As I always say, ride quality is 100% subjective. Posting up numbers won't change the fact. Most manufacturers see their coils and the spring rates they have as being intellectual property and I'd be surprised if any would be willing to share what they use for their lift kits. If you're really determined to do this, there are a couple of spring manufacturers that most companies have their springs made from and you can order up your own from them and to your specific needs. You just give them them the wire gauge you want to use, the diameter you need it to be, the amount of winds you want and the spacing between them and they'll make you a set. They'll even do dual or variable rates if you want. I've done it before and it's not even that expensive to do.


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Don't take this the wrong way, but I have more time to read reviews on the springs that people have run and take their word for it, rather than send someone one of my springs so they can give me a number on it.

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