I just got this Tozalazz compressor Works great!

The compressor is powerful, fills the tires rapidly, but the pressure dial is off by a few PSI I took 3 separate readings using different brands, and my tire pressure sensor, all within a pound of each other but the Tozalazz was more than 5 pounds off
The Kaeser M255 Air Compressor seems to offer more CFM (900 CFM) than the unit you recommended.
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I get the vibe that Tozalazz is a couple guys who went in on a bulk-order of Chinese air compressors.

Quick look at Youtube and there's a dozen 1000'ish view-count off road "influencers" promoting these in the last 2 months.

Not taking a dump on your purchase. These dual piston pumps are gaining popularity. I just find that over the years the ECommerce companies aren't meant to be a long-term business venture and the product doesn't have a long life. They sell their bulk order as fast as they can, end the business, take profits and move-on to their next interest.

Please keep us posted on your long-term experience. I might pick one up to keep in the trailer. (y)
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