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Hey everyone. We just got our dream jeep kinda dream is more of a cj something...but we got 2021 2D Willys Wrangler in Sarge Green. I was in the USMC as a Corporal...thinking of calling it CPL Willie (no my name isn't Willie and yes i know the real pronouncation of Willys rofl)...thoughts? this already has a smittybilt xrc gen 2 9500 winch, aftermarket bumper and a couple of KC lights on bumper...she is at work and dealer hasnt sent me the photos yet so have to wait...i work from home and havent started working yet rofl. More to Come!!!! Been watching Wayalife for about 2 years now, just love his content.
Welcome to Wayalife from SoCal! I really like the new Sarge Green on the JLs, almost as if they are a homage to Jeep's service heritage. Congrats!
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