GMRS / CB or both


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Hey everyone.. Quick ? I would like to get everyone's opinion!! DO you guys run with 1 or the other or both? I have both but not sure I really need both.. Thanks !!


Everything is moving to GMRS, I would get that for sure, then it is a matter of who you normally wheel with. If they use CB, get one of those too. I still run a CB in my rig, but mostly GMRS is the norm for most groups I ride with.


If you go for a gmrs, you could always get a handheld cb for a back up. I recently picked one up for a spare if someone shows up without a CB


I switched my main unit to GMRS... But can switch to CB by plugging the ant cable to the brain, quickly installing the mic and swapping the Ant. I Also carry 3 GMRS handhelds to pass out and 1 HAM handheld if needed. What matters is what the group you roll with the most uses... then branch off that.


Eddie makes a good point, I have a race radio but have had a cb sitting in my garage debating whether to install or not. biggest issue for me is antenna location on the JT but its been in my garage since who knows if ill ever install it
This always an Xbox vs PlayStation debate every time. Are there better systems? Yes.
Does it matter if no one else has them?
Run what you can use.
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