2022 MOAB EJS Concept Jeeps - Let Us Know what You Think!


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The 4Xe would be PERFECT for me. 98% of my trips are under 5 miles. I’d never need gas except for my off road trips. But I am a hard core 2 door guy. Put the 4Xe hybrid system in a 2 door and Im all in.


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Magneto 2.0 please! 😀

I assume that Moby can do 0-60 in 2 seconds on 40" tires.

The new electric Hummer does 0-60 in 3 seconds on 35" tires. It offers steering on the rear wheels. They offered "influencers" the first test drives on rocky Arizona soil since it seems like with it's immense weight it would immediately sink to it's axels on soft ground.

We shall see how Jeep fights back against the Bronco and the new Hummer. Maybe they will release something which is technically interesting.


Overall not to bad, assuming the 392 20th ann on 37s is on rubicon 44s? I do like that magneto even though I don’t think I will go the electric route, but who knows. Bob is pretty cool too

Missed a Zerk

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Jeep has bracketed -- but not hit -- the vehicle that's interesting to me. I'd like to see a 4-door Gladiator with (i) a normal JT wheelbase, (ii) a truncated rear end (i.e., a shorter after-rear-axle length like the Bob concept), but with (iii) an extended cab that extends to the rear end of the truck, not a bed. Then fit 42's (like Wayalife's JT on 20" KMC Grenade beadlocks) to address the stock break-over angle issue while also improving the departure angle. I believe that a longer environmentally-isolated and conditioned cab would be much more useful for a lot of folks than just a bobbed JT with a shorter bed, particularly for long-distance overlanding. See the cab extension mods EFRT made to their Vandi and Worsley Wranglers recently in Texas.


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Not really into the all electric thing yet but Magneto is pretty cool. I like the looks of BOB, not really into diesels yet either but who knows. Didn't really care for the looks of the 20th anniversry Rubicon but that 392 sure is inviting. If any of these went into production I wonder how huge the ballpark price would be?


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Eddie... have you and Cindy ever considered buying at 392 Wrangler Rubicon XR? Just curious what your take is them...


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Nice post, I like the BOB and 20th anniversary concepts. Hopefully we’ll see more from these concepts in time.


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I would have to drive all Seven before I decide which is best - Might take multiple days. Just the Eyeball Test The Bobbed Gladiator or The 41 throwBack


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Unless I missed one, disappointed to not see a single two door concept Jeep. Looks like mine will be a collector item as jeep no longer focuses on them


bleh, 0-60 in a jeep... nah, it's a jeep.
they all look production ready and IMO all just graphics.


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Birdcage is my favorite with the Bobbed one being my second. The 1941 one is cool but seems like they literally do it every year and doesn’t seem like much more than a Oscar Mike 4XE (I’m sure it’s a Rubicon under there at least).

That D-Code one is a major oof though. I get the point of it…so that people on the trail can scan the QR code and see what they like when it goes by. But did you really have to make it all red? Seemed weird.


Odd that they used Dynatrac axles and not UD60's? They on backorder too?
All look good. Except Dcoder - little too gaudy. Cool to see a GC in there.


Surprisingly not hating Magneto and Bob is pretty badass. That Magneto has some pretty freaking amazing specs.


Meh. I’d love to see Jeep Build a serious Rock Crawler. I'm more looking forward to seeing the "regular guy" builds.

Edit: Looking at them a little closer.. I like the BOB.. minus the orange.. and it would be even better with the 392. But cool Rig. 👍🏽
My sentiments exactly...Bob's Your Uncle with a 392 and different color scheme...
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