2012 JKU automatic won't shift in manual mode


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Automatic transmission doesn't shift properly in "manual mode." It will shift down to 1st, but, when I try to shift up through the gears, it doesn't work. If I hold it, it will eventually shift through all of the gears up to 5th. I'm assuming it must be a relay or something, but I'm hoping there's a simple fix??


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Before I put the 4.10 axles in my 2012 I used the manual mode to try to avoid the irritation of driving it in town with "the wrong gears" for the tires I had on it. Now mine struggles to shift up or down causing me to wonder if there is a solenoid or a cable or something that can wear out... I have read that the manual mode for 2012's functions differently than 2013+; so this might be a unique issue for us with 2012's. If I bang mine around it will shift eventually, but I hardly ever use this feature anymore - mostly because I no longer feel the need and also because it mostly doesn't work anymore.
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