ACM : JL Wrangler Under Hood ARB Air Compressor Mount
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ACM : JL Wrangler Under Hood ARB Air Compressor Mount

The WAYALIFE ACM is an under the hood air compressor mount made specifically for the Jeep JL Wrangler and designed to work with an ARB CKMA12 Air Compressor, a 12V high output on board air compressor that I've used for years, on multiple Jeeps and have always found to work well. Installed up against the firewall and under the brake booster, you can access the air chuck from behind the fender liner near the shock tower or you can run a hose extension to a chuck located remotely on your Jeep. Also, if you're wanting to run ARB air lockers on your factory axles or on something like a Dynatrac ProRock 44, the ACM will help make plumbing air lines to the compressor super easy as well. The ACM comes in a powder coated semi-gloss black and includes all hardware necessary for installation. Removal of the driver side fender will be necessary to install the ACM but otherwise, absolutely no drilling or cutting is required.

Click here for ACM Installation Instructions

BUY ARB Compressor & Accessories:
ARB CKMA12 High Output On-Board 12V Air Compressor
ARB Air Hose Accessory Kit
ARB JIC-04 Extension Hose 1M
ARB 171314 Remote Hose Coupling Kit
Replacement Fender Clips

Price: $48.00
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