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    WAYALIFE PREFERRED Dealerships & Reviews

    Our WAYALIFE wouldn't be possible without our trusty Jeeps and for better or for worse, we wouldn't be able to get our hands on them or have them serviced if it weren't for the help of our local Jeep dealerships. While Cindy and I have had great experiences with a handful of dealerships in the past, I'd be lying if I said it wasn't difficult to find one that actually knows what they're talking about, is just as passionate about Jeeps as we are, is eager to provide the best possible deal they can and/or is willing to help out in any way possible, even if your Jeep is modified. With that said, we've created this sub-forum to highlight the dealerships that we've personally worked with in the past and would recommend or have heard good things about from friends of ours and they would recommend. In fact, the ONLY way for additional dealership to be added to our list is if they come highly recommend by multiple members of WAYALIFE. So that it isn't missed, Dealerships CANNOT pay to be on this list and we wouldn't accept their money even if they tried.

    As you can see, our list of WAYALIFE Preferred Dealerships is small and we intend to grow it very slowly. If a dealership on our list has a representative who is also an active member here, their user name will be listed as well. Of course, if you're happy with your dealership and would like to have them added to our list, we would encourage you to post up your personal experiences working with them here:


    Cindy and I will add new dealerships to our list based on the reviews we read. We'd prefer NOT to have this sub-forum used as a rant room against dealerships but if you have a negative experience regarding a dealership that has a positive review here, it would be helpful to hear about it on that thread.

    While we always welcome dealerships and their employees to participate on WAYALIFE, we would ask that you not solicit your services if you are not on our list of preferred dealerships. Thank you.

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    Great idea! Thanks Eddie & Cindy.

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    Who needs Angie's List when you have Cindy's List?!? :wink: :wink:

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    Quote Originally Posted by JK_Dave View Post
    Who needs Angie's List when you have Cindy's List?!? :wink: :wink:
    nailed it!

    seriously, this is a great thread idea though!

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    Supportive Jeep Dealerships

    Great service to the Wayalife Community.

    I've not only traveled several states away to find good service, I've even gone half way across the country to make a purchase. Loyalty to the customer earns customer loyalty to the dealer. An amazingly simple concept that many dealers don't seem to grasp.

    Thanks for starting this for all of us.

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    Love the idea! Can't wait to hear suggestions for users about purchasing and service from specific dealers
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    This is such a great idea! Going to a new dealership is always such an unknown. I'm willing to go the extra mile to a dealership that has proven itself as an above-board establishment.

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    Great idea! I Just installed a lift kit and wanted to get the suspension checked out... Took it to a jeep dealership nearby, all they did was the alignment... Three and a half hours later and $92 poorer, it's running, doesn't appear to have any drive line issues but I really don't trust the work that did... Any recommendations in the Tampa Bay area??

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    Cool thread Eddie! This will help a lot.

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    Guys and gals, just a reminder. If you have feedback for a specific dealer, start a new thread in this section:

    Don't post it here on this thread.

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