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    Quote Originally Posted by Brute View Post
    I have an ARB twin...just aired up my 39x13.50R17's from 4psi to 30psi in about 5min each...
    That's impressive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Magilla View Post
    I am trying to decide between getting on board air or Co2 tanks for our 2013 JK. Many of the forums and discussions that I have found are outdated. I'd like some current product input from people that have used it.
    I've used both extensively.

    CO2 is quicker but you run out and have to find a welding supply store or something similar to refill. There's also the requirement for hydrostatic testing of the tank periodically in order to continue using it.

    OBA is a bit slower but not too much if you go with the big ARB twin or something similar. Smaller footprint. Also unlimited supply (if battery isn't dead) at no cost beyond initial purchase.

    I have both but prefer OBA.

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    Can't argue against CO2 but I like that my Oba doesn't run out and I've never had overheating issue

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