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    Great Halloween scare video.........the sounds alone...

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    Zero! Made it.........and now the fun begins

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    Yeah that's got to hurt I remember being that low on the rocks aha man still have the damage from it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dwvninety View Post
    Welcome to WAL, please introduce yourself.
    Thank you for the welcome. By way of introducing myself, my '16 Hard Rock is my 2nd jeep, the other being a '89 Cherokee, bought new. So I have been around a bit but not around rock crawling. I own trucking and transportation companies so I have been around mechanical equipment for many years. My initial trip to Arizona and Moab was eye opening. Having observed and listened to as many people as I could at Moab, I realized that to really have fun, I needed to modify my vehicle, as noted in my profile. You guys seem to have a lot of fun. I enjoy the videos and look forward to joining you on future trips out west, if that is possible.

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