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    We need to preserve what we have. Make people go out and explore and discover places for themselves. Great idea, thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by RESURECTIONJK View Post
    I totally agree. And I think the best way to combat this problem is to continue to grow the offroad/Jeeping community. The more people that become almost obsessed with preserving these places, the better the chances we will have of keeping them around for future generations.

    I am in total agreement.... I live in the Midwest/Illinois and I know it's not Colorado but it has its beauty as well. So much vandalism and disrespect for what Mother Nature has given us, if it doesn't stop there will not be anything for future generations, starting with my kids and so and so on.

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    Couldn't agree more

    I do a large amount of my exploring on motorcycles and it seems everyone wants a GPS file for every trail. Get out and explore! Part of the fun its the challenge of finding areas and figuring them out. I have spent countless hours finding good trails when I have moved to a new location. The days spent totally turned around and confused are some of the most memorable. Just like most things people are not wiling to put in the work for the reward.

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    I've never used a GPS to hit the trails. For 2 reasons
    1) I can't stand them because even in this day and age they are still not very accurate, unless you buy the ridiculously expensive ones.
    2) Um it's called exploring, not that much fun to me having a little box tell me I'm "wrong" all the time.

    Just my 0.02

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