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  1. ScoobyCarolanNC

    Synergy steering stab relocation kit issues

    You ever get this figured out? I’m thinking of doing the same thing
  2. ScoobyCarolanNC

    Bent frame

    Hells yes!!!
  3. ScoobyCarolanNC

    AEV Lift

    Very sharp!!
  4. ScoobyCarolanNC

    Jeep JL Steering Issue AFTER lift

    Sucks that they gave you the rig back in that shape. Did they give you a sheet of paper with all the alignment angles? Most shops do and it shows how far off you were before and after. Maybe they aligned it before the work lol.
  5. ScoobyCarolanNC

    AEV Lift

    I’ll tell you what, I ran the synergy 2” springs with fox shocks on my JL. I got like 3.5 of lift and the ride was amazing. Nobody and I mean nobody except AEV uses bilstein shocks and there has to be a reason why.
  6. ScoobyCarolanNC

    Bent frame

    This is actually a nice part of being on a frame versus unibody. The bed is pretty cheap in the big picture. It sucks and I’m glad your ok, but they honestly can likely fix your truck.
  7. ScoobyCarolanNC

    NEW JL Spicer Dana 30 chromo shafts

    I never got these installed before I traded my JL in and my JT has Dana 44s. These are Dana 30 Chromoly front shafts. For use WITH the fad, you get the full drivers side and the outer passenger shaft. They have 1350 u-joints which is why I bought em. They are totally new. $700 and I pay shipping...
  8. ScoobyCarolanNC

    Dynomax JL Muffler delete

    Also posted on JLWrangler. Cleaning out my garage after I traded the JL for a JT. Dynomax 39537 muffler delete pipe for the 3.6l JL with an extra rubber hangar (which is most of the install work. $75 shipped.
  9. ScoobyCarolanNC

    Mastertop JL Shademaker

    Posted on JLWrangler too. Here’s a red Mastertop Shademaker I took off. $35 bucks shipped.
  10. ScoobyCarolanNC

    Can’t break my caliper bolts loose

    Hey y’all. Tried changing my axle shafts this weekend & I couldn’t frack my caliper bolts. They’re still fresh from the factory. I have the latest Milwaukee 1/2 impact with a 5amp fully charged battery. No dice. I PB Blasted the shit out of them twice, no dice. Breaker bar, no dice. I don’t have...
  11. ScoobyCarolanNC

    2” Synergy Springs are incredible!

    I had the AEV 2” spacer. Then added fox shocks. Now these springs. No bowing & a great ride. If you’re on the market they’re very worth it. I’d say they’re 3” on my Sahara as it’s definitely taller. I added Synergy track bars a while ago too & their engineering and welds are works of art. I’m...
  12. ScoobyCarolanNC

    installed Synergy Track bar and TB Reinforcement & Sector Shaft

    I just installed my synergy front track bar yesterday (not the bracket). When I took the frame side bolt out I noticed the bolt hole had wallowed out. I only had like 2500 miles on it since I lifted and had checked the torque twice.... SO bummed, I don't need this..... If anyone's doing a...
  13. ScoobyCarolanNC

    Steering wheel wobble sometimes full on death wobble 19 JLUR

    Its very worth noting that the steering gear box is on its 5th redesign.... I have a very early build and developed a 1" deadspot in my steering. I called Jeep wave and I danced the dance with the dealer. I paid $80 for a front end alignment that fixed nothing and then Jeep Wave told them to...
  14. ScoobyCarolanNC

    Hawse versus Roller Fairlead

    Hey Y'all! Searched here & JLWrangler, but figured I'd ask here to get a wider bunch of answers. Hawse Fairleads versus Rollers: Which is better at what? Pros & Cons? Can you even use a hawse with a steel cable (some people say no)? Rollers look like they'd rust out and need to be...
  15. ScoobyCarolanNC

    Anyone interested in an OBX camp out?

    I’ve not driven it yet, but you can get a permit to Jeep on the beach and camp on the outer banks here in North Carolina. Anyone?
  16. ScoobyCarolanNC

    Anybody see the new KM3s in Moab?

    Just wondering.... AEV made a big deal about running them on their Instagram page.
  17. ScoobyCarolanNC

    Wheelin in 4-LO w/ auto?

    So I took my JL out today, for the first time no less, to a local abandoned development which is not posted & has been wheeled by locals for years. There were 2 lifted F-150s doing donuts in a muddy lower part so I scambled up a step incline to access some power line trails & another spot. Both...
  18. ScoobyCarolanNC

    JK to JL~ nobody waves?

    I’ve had my JL a week now & I gotta day the ratio of waves I’m getting is WAY down? I felt like the Mayor of Raleigh in my 2010, now? Y’all keep in mind that just cause it’s shiny & stock doesn’t mean we’re not keepers too... I’ve only just passed 1 other JL & got a wave so statistically we’re...
  19. ScoobyCarolanNC

    Suggestions for a brake bleeder?

    I’ve paid to have my brakes flushed twice in a year and both times it was done poorly. I might as well took up and do it myself. Any recommendations on the kit I should buy?
  20. ScoobyCarolanNC

    Brake fluid always looks terrible?

    Finally got some pics. This is 5 days & about 400 miles post flush. ~Scooby
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