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  1. jeeeep

    trunk usability

    That's what I used when I had my trailer, along with a drop hitch to offset the lift. never had issues accessing the back of the Jeep
  2. jeeeep

    Hello from Nampa ID

    Welcome! 👋
  3. jeeeep

    New JL running hot?????

    congrats on the new Jeep and yep, I cringe when I see the temps but haven't had any issues
  4. jeeeep


    so easy (y) the more I see those half doors the more I feel I need a set lol
  5. jeeeep

    You're Doing It Wrong

    it's to save damage to the truck when it gets stolen
  6. jeeeep

    Et Tu, Brute?...Part Deux

    my 2010 jku had the same lock issues. now only the 2 front unlock and lock properly and the rear doors cycle but don't unlock though they will lock once driving if unlocked.
  7. jeeeep

    Kill it With Fire

    and they did that on purpose :sick:
  8. jeeeep

    ‘78 J10

    Nice, I see a future kayak toting fishing rig 🔮
  9. jeeeep


    Welcome from land of excess humidity
  10. jeeeep

    Bad fuel problem ... need forum wisdom to help

    interesting that you had this after using your AEV caddy. I had the same issue years ago, AEV caddy was empty, filled it for Moab EJS but didn't use it so I poured it in the tank when I got home - total time in the AEV caddy, about 3 weeks. I didn't think of using octane boost, ended up pumping...
  11. jeeeep

    Et Tu, Brute?...Part Deux

    looks great, like the low profile RTT. The fly rod holder is larger than I thought it would be, was also expecting some sort of padding to keep things from bouncing around (so many jokes there, I had to laugh while typing it out) nice touch the the spare tire drop
  12. jeeeep

    08 JK Lower Oil Pan Gasket?

    rtv the lower, gasket for the upper with a dab of rtv on a couple of spots. For the longest time I thought it was the lower or rear main that was leaking, turned out to be the upper. the path the oil leak took made it appear like it was the lower/rear main
  13. jeeeep

    JL Wrangler Catches on Fire After Hit from the Rear

    That's sad. I have a fire extinguisher but I'm thinking the fire safety sticks may be a better option for fast access
  14. jeeeep

    VIDEO : DIY DOOR HANGER - Easy to make and all for about $16

    easy! I have scrap lumber so my cost will be the eyelet screws (y)
  15. jeeeep

    Yachts to Kayaks. Boating thread.

    but i've been thinking about another boat :unsure:
  16. jeeeep

    Anyone self quarantined? AKA - the 2020 SH!T SHOW

    Hitler's erection broke thru 6 feet of dirt on this announcement
  17. jeeeep


    welcome to Wayalife family (y)
  18. jeeeep

    Fishing Jeepers...Post Up Your Pics

    nice looking trout! where were you at? I need a fishing trip
  19. jeeeep

    Hello from Texas

    welcome neighbor
  20. jeeeep

    Off grid camping trailer build

    nice work (y)
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